About Me

Hey there! Thanks for stumbling onto my website. I'm Tenji, also known as Domus, the creator of The Domus Project. I'm a UX Developer by day, and an a Content Creator by night!

Here are few places you can find me:

Professional Work

I work at Lovable.Tech LLC as a UX Developer. I have experience working with React JS / React Native, HTML/CSS/Javascript, Ruby on Rails, Django Python, as well as a number of other technologies. I've been an engineer working with Silicon Valley for over 3 years running.

You can find some of my public facing work on Github as well as read up on some of my technical blogs on Medium. If your interested in working with Lovable.Tech on your next engineering project, feel free to send me an email at tenji@lovable.tech.

The Domus Project

The Domus Project is the creative realization spawned by a love for the arts. It started early with music, and from there moved on to film and written work. The goal of The Domus Project is to celebrate various mediums of entertainment, ask interesting questions about game design, and provide solid analysis and reviews, in order to become a consistent voice of criticism in the video game space.